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Sink the float


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A classic that never goes out of fashion, you just have to place your boats and get right where your opponent has placed them


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Sink the float

EThe game is built entirely in wood both the structure, as ships and projectiles. A game of logic and strategy so that our children think before each movement what decision they are going to make. Thanks to the smaller pieces we will also develop your fine motor skills, which we know is a difficulty for many children.

Because there is no better way to learn than playing and if they do it in company, it is another point for socialization.

Game rules

The game consists of sinking the opponent's fleet. To do this, you must place your own fleet strategically and try to sink the opposite fleet with the shots. Each of the players has two grids that will hide the other player: in one he must place his boats and in the other he will write down the results of the shots he makes each turn. Each player must place the boats horizontally or vertically in one of the squares. The boats have to be placed respecting a strip of white squares around. Yes they can be placed next to the edges of the grid, but without getting to stick a boat with another.

Each player has a turn of shot that will alternate. To do so, it will say the coordinates. For example "B3", means that your shot corresponds to the square that is in that coordinate. When firing, the other player will check the result on his board:

  •  If the box is blank, it will respond "water".

      If part of a ship is in the box, it will respond "touched". In that case the player is entitled to a new shot in the same turn.

      If in the box there is a ship of a square or the last part of a ship already touched, it will answer "sunk" and also has the right to a new shot.

The player who shoots scores the results in his shooting frame. If the shots are "water", mark the grid with the yellow projectiles; If the shots are "touched" or "sunken", you can mark them with reds. In this way the player can know the grids that remain blank and in which he has already fired. Finally, the player who previously manages to sink the other's fleet wins.

Dimensions approx. 36 x 17 x 18 cm
Recommended age from 5 years

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