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Solitaire game


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Wooden game with 33 polished balls that will have to jump over each other until only one is left

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Solitaire game

A game that can become really addictive or perhaps end your patience ... In this Solitaire Game you will only have to jump one ball over another into an empty space thus eliminating the skipped ball, if you make a mistake and the last balls are left separate, you can never finish since you can only jump on a ball that is adjacent to another. It is a game in which they will stimulate their fine motor skills since they must take small balls and fit them into small holes in the board. You can not jump diagonally (they are the rules of the game).

With this game we will be able to work with them the strategy of play, the logic, prevent an action (that if wrong causes the loss of the game) and above all will encourage concentration.

A game to start and finish or make moves for short periods of time, so the game can be "open" for hours or even days.

Let them take the reins of the game and they will be able to play until there is only one ball left on the board.

Dimensions Height: approx. 2.5 cm, Ø approx. 21 cm
Wood material
Recommended age from 5 years

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