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Ring swing


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¡¡ For the little acrobats !!

A wooden bar with 2 plastic rings that serves both as a swing and as a gymnast's bar.

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Ring swing

This swing will make our little ones train their body and increase their strength and ability. Being a gymnastics bar children can use it both to swing and swing on the bar or plastic handles adapted to their hands.

A toy that encourages the exercise for all the possibilities it offers, leaving the child to choose different positions. With this we will develop your vestibular system in a fun way so that your mind dominates the space.

Children love challenges and therefore we must provide them with tools to discover their bodies and their limits. Of course, the more they practice, the more dexterity and agility they will develop.
A toy that greatly stimulates children with autism and will make them more aware of their body.

Length: approx. 180 cm;
Swing: approx. 45 x 4.5 cm
Handles: 15 x 14 cm
Material: Wood and plastic
Recommended age: from 3 years

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