Magic LED Board


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Slate to draw or write retro-illuminated. With flashing 3D light effect, thanks to the change of lights of this fantastic Magic LED Board. It contains 4 neon markers, and 10 templates with drawings to copy on the board.

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Magic LED Board

Draw on paper has already gone down in history and it is now that the magic LED board has arrived in which our children are going to draw and erase everything they want. But that is not the best and it is a retro-illuminated blackboard with a flickering 3D light effect that will guarantee more emotion in drawings and endless entertainment. You will always be surprised when making a new drawing since with each color it takes a different effect. If you need more markers you can buy it here.

How are we going to play?

The magic LED board includes 5 templates with a drawing on each side, that is, we have 10 different drawings; animals, fruits or vegetables and transport vehicles. They are introduced through a lateral slot of the board and the child just has to follow the lines of the drawings with the neon markers and these will be marked on the board. All you have to do is remove the template and you will see a beautiful drawing that shines like neon lights. With the side button you can change lights as many times as you want and you will see how your drawing looks different with each light.

You can also create your own templates such as: pre-writing symbols, numbers or letters and initiate them to writing in a playful way. They can create their personal or informative notes and give this touch so bright and fun.

Promote creativity

With this blackboard you can paint and erase as many times as you want, so we will encourage you to develop your creativity. They will surely gain more confidence and be able to communicate much better through the drawings, thus increasing their self-esteem.

It is undoubtedly an alternative to technological games such as tablets or mobile phones since it is designed so that our children play actively and do not get bored offering multiple alternatives.

An ally for the fine motor skills that is so necessary for our kids because they must hold the markers accurately and thus stimulate their manual skills.


1  blackboard 24 x 19cm
Material: plastic and resistant acrylic
Works with 3 AAA batteries (not included)
4 markers (green, blue, pink and orange)
5 templates with 10 different drawings
36 lighting modes and low consumption
Recommendations: clean with a soft cloth to avoid scratches
CE certificates, RoHS

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