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Musical Kits


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A musical pack with 4 different instruments to let your inner artist out

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Musical Kits

Music should be an important part in its development since people with ASD present an increase in attention in music, significantly greater than people with typical development and this difference increases the possibility of the development of absolute hearing. If the person with ASD can identify the emotion in the music, even if he is unable to verbalize it, he can find in this medium a vehicle to express the emotion.

In other words, music facilitates that people with ASD can relate to others, can pay more attention and can express themselves through a language that is not verbal.
Cinco beneficios de la musicoterapia:

  1. Reduces aggression and tantrums: has positive effects on the behavior of children with autism

    Improves coarse and fine coordination: improves the coordination of hands and feet, while stimulating fine motor skills.

    Encourages verbal and nonverbal communication

    Reduces anxiety and repetitive behaviors: the rhythm of music also reduces levels of anxiety, an emotional state that favors repetitive and aggressive behaviors.

    Educates perception: music therapy stimulates auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic perception in children with autism.

In this musical set you have 4 different instruments: a drum, a maraca, a flute and a rattle rattle. And all in natural wood of very bright colors so that our children have fun alone or accompanied.

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