Zebra sock


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Stuffed animal to sew and to stimulate the imagination, includes everything necessary to elaborate a very nice Zebra

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Sew your own zebra sock

Toy designed for children who love making their own toys and what better way than sewing a Zebra Sock. This set includes everything you need to make it yourself. There will be a beautiful zebra plush toy that will undoubtedly be his favorite toy since it has been his own creation and that satisfies large and small.

A perfect toy to develop your fine motor skills and encourage your taste for creating things with your own hands.

Stuffed animals are toys that enchant our children with ASD since they cling to it and comfort them by calming their anxiety, they also help them to become detached from the family by creating more independence.

This Zebra Sock is a safe bet as its quality and price are accompanied by the hand in Learning with Autism.

Includes: 2 socks, soft padding material, colorful woolen threads and red and white striped buttons are joined with a needle to create a zebra. A pair of catchy staggering eyes give life to the new puppet! , in addition to its instructions for use.

Approximate measurements: 21 x 15,8 x 6,2 cm

Minimum recommended age: 6 years and up

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