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Pictograms Learning the body and clothing


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Pictograms for learning garments and body parts. Composed of 50 large photographs with real images to facilitate the day to day

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Availability date: 2018-07-01

Pictograms Learning the body and clothing

It consists of 50 photographs with clothing and parts of the body that can help us improve verbal comprehension, logical reasoning, enrich their vocabulary and of course as pictograms adapted for children with autism.
We will stimulate and enrich the language in a natural way and thanks to the use of the photos we will create a stimulating environment that motivates the child to use the language, to speak and to listen to others.

It contains two different categories:
  • The body and its parts: the head, the trunk, the extremities and the joints.
  • Clothing.

How can we play?
  • Development of listening attitudes: you must listen to the adult tell the body parts and the clothing to wear while you pass the photos.
  • Identify the part of the body or the garment by saying: point, give me, take the photograph that identifies that part
  • Point your own body with the photo that is shown.
  • Say the parts of the body or the garments as they are shown.
  • Listen to the description of a part of the body or item of clothing and that they try to guess it
  • Match the garments with the corresponding body part.
  • And everything we can think of to make learning a game.
It includes:
- 54 plates with photographs (16.6 x 11.6 cm)
- 1 support for the sheets

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