Pictograms Daily Habits


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There are 20 large photographs to work the basic daily habits such as hygiene, autonomy and collaboration at home.
Especially indicated for special education children and children with autism

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Pictograms Daily Habits

A set with 5 very simple sequences and 4 steps each, with a total of 20 large tiles with real images of daily life. We can find in this game the basic habits of hygiene, autonomy and the collaboration of housework. In children with autism it is sometimes necessary to use these pictograms to get more self-confidence, greater autonomy and therefore increase their self-esteem.
Thanks to the real photographs children will identify each action much better and also being a set of sequences will allow them to create sequential relationships over time, discover a logical order and understand when things happen.
The objective of this game is to order events chronologically and promote daily habits through the game.
Of course you can use the cards as pictograms and adapt each action as it suits you.

The game system

Each sequence brings a different color frame to identify them better and a self-corrector system on the reverse side. What we can do is to group all the cards and let the child order the sequence according to the actions that have taken place in the images.

With this base of the game we can propose other types of activities:

  • Point out the scene: we place all the sequences ordered and an adult describes a specific scene and asks the child to point out the one described. Here we will see if the understanding of the child is adequate. Another option is to point out a scene and let the child describe what is happening in it. Here we take advantage to explain the importance of daily habits.
  • Order the day: We order all the sequences and ask the child to order as they happen during the day.
  • Attentive listening: The adult narrates the content of a sequence and then the child must say aloud the same sequence and order the cards appropriately.
  • If the child has a late acquisition of the language or is non-existent do not hesitate to use these cards as pictograms and we will help you to communicate better at home.

It includes:
- 20 cards of resistant cardboard (11,5 x 11,5 cm)

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