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Memo Sounds


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Here we have 12 wooden boats that contains 6 couples with different objects in their interior and therefore with different sounds.

Will you be able to distinguish each sound?

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Memo Sounds

The contents of the game are 12 wooden boats with screwed caps and inside we can find: Wooden rings, rice, bells, pebbles, glass beads and wooden balls. There are two pairs of each content so that when they are shaken they can join one pair with the other thanks to the sounds.

The boats bring some caps that are threaded so you can enter other different objects if you wish and so you will make a new game every time. It takes a special ability to match them, but with this type of toy we will develop the sense of hearing and concentration.

It is a very useful game for all children and especially for children with disabilities. Since it trains the ear, the ability to listen and also encourages memory and concentration.

Game rules

The smallest player begins and in the sense of the needles of the clock. You can decide how many laps you want to give in the game.

All the cans are placed in the center of the table and mixed well. Then the first player chooses two boats and if the sound of the two matches, the rambler keeps both.

In the event that the sounds are different, the player must put the two back in the center of the table and let the next one choose.

The purpose of the game is that in the center there is no boat left and those who have more guesses will win.

Tip: You can enter more pots in the game and if you want to fill them with other different objects.

Dimensions height: 5 cm, Ø: 4 cm
Wood material
Recommended age from 3 years

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