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A wooden box to discover a whole world of the senses. With it you must guess what it contains inside through your eyes, ears or touch.
A sensory toy for stimulation and especially to have a good time

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Box "The senses"

A fun box where you can enter several objects with the intention of guessing what is inside. It is made of laminated wood with very striking colors and combined with textile. It contains two front openings to introduce both hands, two lenses with prisms covered by two covers with motives of the sun and the moon where they will show only a little of their interior and a funnel to try to hear what the object makes sound.

How could we play?

A perfect toy for the game of guessing objects, so you can enter inside everything that comes to mind. We can choose objects of different sizes, sensory balls, bags with different contents, mold pastes and a multitude of other options.

A surprise box attracts a lot of attention and will develop logic since guessing what is inside is a task of very complete concentration.

This box is widely used in occupational therapies for sensory development in children with autism and asperger syndrome.

Dimensions approx. 40 x 25 x 31 cm
Weight included packaging 1.82 kg
Recommended age from 3 years

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