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Shaky Jenga


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Pieces of natural wood which will have to be removed to be put back on top of the tower.

WATCH OUT! They should not fall

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Shaky Jenga

It is a traditional turn-based game with which you can play the whole family, in groups or individually using the pieces as a construction game.

It is a board game that should not be missing in our collection as it will allow our children to develop patience and especially their fine motor skills. They need to have a lot of tact to avoid that the pieces do not fall and with the placement of the pieces we are going to get the logic to grow.

The basis of the game is very simple: we just have to create a turn order and each one must remove one of the pieces and put them back on top of the tower. The idea is to complicate the movement to the next player and ensure that the pieces do not fall on your turn.

As we have already mentioned, this game can also be used as a construction game, letting the imagination of our little ones flow. The creation of roads, buildings, pieces in fall is a game that we recommend to improve the eye-hand vision and try not to fall the pieces.

Dimensions Piece: approx. 8 x 2.5 x 1.5 cm
Wood material
Contains: 60 pieces
Recommended age: from 3 years

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