Magnetic Tower


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The game that likes big and small, with magnetic rings that will have to follow the order stipulated by the cards to be correctly ...

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Magnetic Tower

A very complete game for observation and manipulation that greatly favors psychopedagogical development. In addition, magnetism is an aspect that attracts a lot of children, so we are going to call your attention twice.

With this game we will be able to work on several aspects such as: fine motor skills, visual-manual coordination, color discrimination and spatial structuring.

It is composed of 2 magnetic supports with 8 magnetic discs (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue and 2 yellow). 70 photographs will act as a model for the child to start the game paying attention to these photos that represent shapes. It also includes 2 wooden bases to support the cards and thus see them more clearly.

It is a game to play individually or with another person which will make it even more fun, since you will have to respond more quickly than your "adversary" by increasing logical fluency.


The game consists in stacking the magnetic discs in the support following the order that the photographs give us. When trying to represent model photographs, magnetism provides fun play possibilities that the child will discover: sometimes the discs will be stuck by the attraction of the poles of their magnets and others separated by the repulsion of them. This phenomenon facilitates the construction of multiple figures according to the color and the poles of the discs that come into contact.

This game provides various possibilities of use:

1. Free play for the discovery of the properties of magnetism.

2. Reproduction of the photographs-model: with a photo attached to the wooden base, the child should place the discs in the holder following the order of colors that he observes and looking at whether they are together or separated.

It includes:

  • 2 magnetic supports (10,5 cm)

  • 8 magnetic discs

  •  35 reversible chips (13.5 x 7 cm)

  • 4 wooden supports for chips

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