The Smell: Fruit and Aromas


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The game to develop the sense of smell with cards of different fruits and their aromas

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The Smell: Fruit and Aromas

Sensory game composed of 12 boats with the aroma of 12 different fruits and 24 photographs of the 12 fruits, you will find them whole and broken. The cards are real photographs for the child to establish a visual-olfactory relationship between the fruits and their aromas.

For the sense of smell, the game takes advantage of the natural smell of some fruits such as: banana, strawberry, pineapple, pear, lemon, cherry, coconut, melon, apple, orange, plum and peach. The aromas are very differentiable so it will favor olfactory discrimination and at the same time associate them with photographs. Relating each whole fruit to its internal aspect and, of course, its aroma.

It is clear that with this game they will develop and improve their sense of smell, they will have a greater knowledge of fruits. They develop observation and acquisition of relating objects morphologically.
Very useful game to stimulate children with visual disabilities, besides being very fun will be a therapeutic game for our children.

How can we play?

Each boat has a number in the base and that number must match the back of the corresponding card. But it would be correct that it is not visible by the child (only by parents or teacher), in order to classify it by the aromas and not by the numbers.

The game can be used with scent cans and chips together or separately. It is recommended to distribute at first the 12 pots of aromas and let the child try to recognize them without the chips. Only the tab that has the boat in the upper part will have to be turned slightly and this way we promote the development of the smell.

Then they should try to relate each aroma with its corresponding sheet (external aspect) and finally find the internal aspect of them.

Includes: 24 pieces of resistant cardboard (7 x 7 cm) and 12 bottles of aromas

Not recommended for children under 3 years because they contain small parts.

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