Seals of the 10 emotions


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Box with 10 large wooden stamps and different emotions so that the child can identify and express their emotions

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Seals of the 10 emotions

A set consisting of a box with 10 seals of solid, thick and high quality wood. They are very handy for the children's hand as it has a size of 4 cm in diameter for a better grip. Each stamp contains a basic emotion:

  1.  Joy





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With these stamps we will emotionally educate our children at any age. It is a material that will help us to work at home, in the classroom or in the consultation, since facial expressions are very fun and are associated with each expression. It will allow to develop social and emotional skills so that you can work with children of any age. A game inspired by the Montessori Methodology.

The objective of this game

  • With this game we want you to be able to identify and differentiate every basic emotion

  • That they learn to associate emotions with facial expressions

  • Expand your vocabulary related to emotions

  • Improve psychomotor coordination and manual dexterity with stamps

We can play with them by asking them different questions, for example, what do you feel when...? We invent daily actions or relationships with other people and we give them to choose the child whose seal they want to express. Regardless of whether it is correct or not and we reflect with him that answer.

Contains: 10 wooden stamps (4 cm in diameter and 3.5 cm in thickness)

Recommended age: from 3 to 8 years (we can extend it according to need)

Does not contain ink box (serves any)

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