Logisteck the Logic Game


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A construction puzzle to place each piece up in its place by colors and shapes.
A logic toy that will improve your psychomotor development

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Logisteck is designed for the most daring

A fantastic skewering game that improves motor skills and eye / hand coordination. The objective is to stack the color discs on columns with several holes on each disc, until the last disc is reached. It's about thinking a lot so you can find the right order. It allows to exercise fine motor skills, logic and the notion of space. 8 discs and 7 columns. Since the varetas have different lengths and each disc an opening less than the previous one, there will be only one path.

The toy fits perfectly in your hands and children with autism or Asperger syndrome enjoy this type of game very much because it has an order with a beginning and an end.

The toy is also inspired by the Montessori methodology.

Measure approx: 9.5 cm, Ø approx. 12 cm

Minimum recommended age: from 3 years and up

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