CerQana Mobile Phone


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Mobile phone adapted for people with autism, a smarphone with its basic functions and also benefit from the technology. The relatives will be connected through the telephone, either by text messages, pictograms or voice.


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CerQana: customizable smartphone with tracker

CerQana’s smartphone can be customized to the specific capabilities of each person. Either for someone who has never used a smartphone, or for who already has some experience with technology.
It adds a set of new features to grant user’s safety and relative’s peace of mind. It allows them to check on the user’s wellbeing remotely. Besides manually asking for assistance with the emergency button, CerQana automatically warn relatives when any potentially dangerous situation is detected. You can create safe zones, regular routes, reminders, etc.



  • Smartphone CerQana
  • 1-year premium license
  • Access to CerQana Care app and website for any number of relatives or caregivers
  • Charger and USB cable
  • Red protector case


Besides all the features of any Android smartphone, CerQana gives you new customization features:

  • Speed-dial and emergency buttons customizable with images or pictograms
  • Easy-to-use contacts list with images, synchronized and editable through CerQana Care by relatives
  • Guidance back home from current location
  • Tasks and reminders with alarm
  •  Messaging system with voice, images, pictos and text, and optional parental
  •  Remote control of what apps are available
  •  Auto-answer phone calls and activate hands-free mode if user cannot answer

CerQana Care app and the web app https://platform.cerqana.com allows you to check on user’s wellbeing remotely:

  • Real-time tracking of user’s location
  • Check location history, followed route during a certain period of time, etc.
  • Customize user’s smartphone: what screens are shown, what apps are available, privacy settings, etc.
  • Set safe zones, routes, homes or safe places, and reminders or tasks in the calendar

CerQana send automatic notifications to relatives if:

  • User enters or exits a zone
  • Starts, finishes or diverts from a route
  • Mark a reminder or tasks as completed
  • Incoming, outgoing or missed calls
  • Battery level is low, charging would be needed shortly
  • Emergency button pressed

* Privacy settings lets you set what info would be received by relatives

Screen:  4’’

OS:  Android 5.1 Lollipop

Camera:  5Mpx with autofocus and flash

RAM:     1GB

Memory: 4GB + SD card

Processor: Quadcore ARM Cortex A7

Battery: 1500mAH

Autonomy: 120h standby / 8h conversation

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