Multisensory slate of prewriting


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Multisensory tray that includes a reversible slate and a tray with sand to develop pre-writing and eye-hand coordination

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Multisensory slate of prewriting

Inspired by the Montessori methodology, they will work on concepts that they will see in school in a motivating and fun way for children. They will be able to work with various materials, such as chalk and the marker on the reversible blackboard, or the sand that will catch the attention of all children.

A multisensory blackboard designed to initiate them in prewriting through the sense of touch, they will work hand-eye coordination, they will develop fine motor skills, attention skills and, above all, a good way to encourage creativity.

How are we going to play?

First we emptied the bag of sand into the tray and placed the board in the tray holder.

Then we draw on the blackboard what we want to work with our child or simply let him make a free creation. We can work with them from letters, numbers to figures, and we can mark the degree of difficulty according to the knowledge of the child.

Next, we tell the child to draw with his finger on the sand what appears on the board.

So you just have to use the sand polisher to start over.

We can also do it on the contrary and ask the child to draw on the blackboard what we do in the sand.

We are always looking for the best options to be able to teach our children with development difficulties. I recommend this blackboard to work with them in a more playful way and especially for children who have poor fine motor skills, but need to enter the world of writing.


- Wooden tray that allows to develop the pre-writing. Measures: 30 x 22.8 cm.
- Reversible blackboard: blackboard for chalk and magnetic whiteboard for marker
- 3 chalk and an eraser for the chalk board.
- 1 erasable marker for the whiteboard.
- 1 bag of sand of 0.5 kg for the tray.
- 1 sand straightener.

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