Touch of Pre-writing and Numbers


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Tokens to work through touch pre-writing and numbers. With 23 tiles inspired by the Montessori Method

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Touch of Pre-writing and Numbers

It consists of 23 cards where children will be able to work on pre-writing and numbers with very attractive illustrations. Children just have to make a journey with their finger on a rough surface of the card and thus facilitate their learning through the senses.

Indicated for children between 3 and 6 years old, although it is very useful in children with special needs and even for children with some difficulty in the vision since thanks to its contrast of colors and its rough surface it will be easier to learn in the numbers and the writing. Inspired by the Montessori Methodology, focused on toys that encourage our children.

Objective and way of playing

The goal of the Pre-writing and Numbers Touch game is to develop eye-hand coordination, initiate writing through touch and become familiar with numbers.
To play tán we will only have to place all the chips on the table and let the child choose the one he wants. Then we encourage the children to identify the card through touch by running their finger across the rough surface. At the same time we can explain to the children what type of card it is, if a number, a sign, curved, straight, etc.
We remind you that in order for the card to be correctly positioned, you have to put the notch downwards.


  • 12 touch-cards that contain numbers from 0 to 10 and mathematical signs. The measurements of these cards are 9x9 cm.
  • 11 touch-cards with different routes that work pre-writing with very attractive illustrations that invite children to make the journey with the finger on the rough surface. The measures of the elongated cards are: 18.8x9cm and the measurements of the square ones of 13.9x13.9cm.
  • All the chips have a notch on the bottom that indicates the correct position of the chip

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