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Antistress Cube


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Cube with six different faces very comfortable to carry in your hand to relieve stress and help in concentration. Very useful for any disability or just to relax

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Antistress Cube

Now you can buy the new Antistress Cube, a cube with 6 different faces for children or adults who suffer from stress or can not stop moving their hands. A product totally recommended for children and adults who have autism or ADHD since it helps them to relieve their repetitive movements. The perfect solution to carry something in your hand, whether at home, at the office or while studying.

Your mind will be focused on using this fantastic Antistress Cube since we are not aware of the amount of tics we can have and almost drive your partner crazy, friend, family ... so we recommend you use it to avoid those possible discomforts .

Multiple choices

This great Anti-Stress Cube Special Autism ADHD has 6 faces that we will detail:

1. Click of 5 buttons to press them.

2. Joystick pad that will delight fans of consoles. It moves in all directions with a great softness, you can also press it inwards.

3. Flip-Switch: It's like a light switch that sounds when you click in both directions, this is one of the most engaging.

4. Oval relief, it is a relief on that face of the cube that you can follow with the pad of your thumb, being very relaxing.

5. Rotating wheel: a single wheel to rotate with a single finger.

6. Padlock Roulette and Metallic Ball: It is a very complete side because it has three cogwheels that sound when turning them and also has a metallic ball that rotates in any direction

* Colors according to availability (Be surprised)
Not suitable for children under 3 years

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