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I learn the Expressions


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Game with 50 cards to identify icons of facial expressions and associate them with images of real expressions

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I learn the Expressions

Fantastic game with which our children can learn facial expressions in addition to playing as a team and with guaranteed fun. It is a very complete game that contains 50 chips distributed as follows:
  • 10 master cards with the frame in red, which contain the drawing of a child with ten different expressions:
  1. Joy




    Wink an eye

    Make fun

    Bloating the cheeks




  1. 40 tabs with blue frame, containing 10 facial expressions made by 4 different people.

How do you play?

Each card with expression (red box) corresponds to 4 cards with the blue frame. They are equipped with a system of Autocorrection on the back, which will allow the child to correct his own actions.

10 red frame tiles are distributed among the children and the rest of the tiles are left on the table (those in the blue frame). The idea is that they take the chips from the table that correspond to the chips they have played. They should be placed next to, above or below the sheet with the red frame.
Once distributed, each one is identified by checking that they match the symbol on its back.


Let yourself be carried away by your imagination

We can create different activities with the Game of Learning the Expressions, for example we could:
  • With the Red Frame Chips we will let the child identify the expression or the emotion of the drawing and for that he / she will have to answer the questions of: what is the child doing? What is happening to him? In addition to observing each file we can tell you that: They imitate the expression, describe it and imagine that it could have happened to have that particular expression or emotion. We will then help you identify feelings and moods. In addition they will expand their vocabulary that refers to emotions and oral stimulation will be reinforced thanks to the descriptions.

  • With the Blue Frame Chips you can perform the previous activity with one or more characters. If you select several characters with different expressions we can encourage you to invent a story that relates to each character.

Recommended age: from 3 years

Includes: 50 cardboard cards (9x9 cm)