Payment Methods

Currently we have 3 payment methods:
  • Through a card (virtual POS). This payment method is immediate, totally safe and verified. Learning with Autism has no possibility of accessing your card data, this data travels securely to the payment terminal of the bank in question, which confirms that the payment has been made correctly.

  • We offer the possibility of payment through the PayPal platform, however, with an additional cost corresponding to the commission that PayPal charges for the steps it takes as an intermediary in the purchase / sale operation. This extra cost is calculated automatically by our website and amounts to 3.4% of the total of the operation.

  • Wire transfer. You can also use this payment method, although it is not instantaneous. Once you place the order and mark the bank transfer as payment method, the web will indicate the account number to which the transfer should be directed. Once the payment is effective, the shipment of the merchandise acquired in our store will be managed. Keep in mind that the payment can take 24 to 48 hours to be effective.