My name is Gema Gómez and I represent the e-commerce

The project Learning with Autism "was born" a few years ago, but it was in this 2017 that it materialized as an online store.

My husband (David) and I have a beautiful daughter of 10 years, who has been in therapy since he was born and because of that we have surrounded ourselves with many cases of families with children with special abilities.


In all these years we have seen how important are such therapies, jobs and games for the development of our children, in all aspects and how important it can be to learn through play and educate through play.

When looking for toys for our children with special abilities it is important that, in addition to playing, each and every one of their senses be stimulated, that the toy be a tool in the integral development of the child, but without losing its main function, which is none other than entertaining our children.

With the growth of our daughter and the experience of other parents we have found that finding this type of toys is not easy and, therefore, we have difficulties so that our children can, in addition to playing, develop all their abilities in a way integral. That is why the idea of ​​learning with autism was born and, in 2017, it finally becomes tangible.

One of our biggest concerns is the economic issue, and families with children like our daughter, we know that therapies for them are not particularly cheap, so our domestic economy often has to juggle ... so we have looked for toys of quality, adjusting the price so that this is not an obstacle when making the purchase. Stores like us can find many, but surely the quality-price ratio you will find in our store will be to your liking.

We have a large team of professionals in the field of psychology, pedagogy, speech therapy, occupational therapists, etc. who are at our side to give comprehensive advice on any questions or advice you may have about our product catalog.

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